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    Customer B-resettable fuse vendor

    公司创建于1996年,致力于发展成为世界一流的电子线路保护元器件的制造专家。目前主营高分子热敏电阻(PPTC)、陶瓷正温度系数热敏电阻(CPTC)、手机电池保护模块(PCM)、陶瓷基贴片保险丝SMD FUSE、过温保护元件(Thermal Fuse)、过压产品(THYRISTOR、ESD、TVS)、汽车安全电机等。产品广泛应用于通讯设备、消费类电子产品、电脑及周边设备、汽车、仪器仪表、家用电器等。

    Established in 1996, customer B is the global leading provider of circuit protective components and protection modules. The controlling shareholder is the listed company-xxxxx Group Ltd.( stock code: 600XXX SH) which belongs to Hongkong famous businessman Li Ka-shing’s companies& Organizations.

    it's principal products include polymer-base PTC resettable fuses (PPTC), ceramic-base thermistors (CPTC), protection circuit modules (PCM),Chip fuse, TVS,SESD,Thyristor, PESD. Wayon products have been widely used in many fields such as telecommunications, IT equipment, automobile electronics, chargeable battery, industrial control and consumer electronics etc.