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    Photoinitiator SJ 784  

    CAS No:125051-32-3

    Formula: C30H22N2F4Ti

     Formula Weight: 534.37

    Chemical Structure: Bis(cyclopentadienyl)bis[2,6-difluoro-3-(1-pyrryl)phenyl]titanium

    Appearance: Yellow to Orange Powder

    Melting Point: 160-165 °C

    Content: ≥99%

    Volatility: ≤0.5%

    Package: 5 Kg/10 Kg

    Preservation: Keep in sealed, low temperature and dry conditions

    Character and Application: This chemical has a wide absorption in UV spectrum, the typical absorptions are at 390, 460 nm, and the absorption extends to 500 nm. It is very sensitive to light, and it has photobleaching effect, and it can be used in light-solidification system initiated by visible light. It can be used in light-color system and in dark-color system so that it is a useful additive material in UV coating, UV printing ink, UV adhesive, photoresist, photopolymerization forme, composite material, teeth filler, et al. It also can be used either individually or co-used with other light-initiators according to the practice use conditions, and the suggested additive use is 0.3-3% (w/w).